Hello! It’s Been Awhile!

I have not written on here in quite a while, and quite regret it.

I have much to say and cannot sum it up so soon, so I will try to depict as much of my past few months as possible.

This quarter has been rough, I will tell you that. Lots of reading– duh, Megan, you’re an English major. But still– having gone from zero classes of English to two English classes this quarter, I am feeling the change!

I think I am enjoying my classical literature class a bit more than my introductory class.

There is something particularly fascinating about the Greeks and Romans. Specifically, their literature reflects the greatest of human perils: life and death, and deals with each of their inevitabilities in extreme manners. Whether it be Medea and her killing of her own children to inflict pain on Jason for betraying her for another woman, or Akhilleus’ reconciliation with humanity upon his best friend, Sarpedon, and his death, the Romans and Greeks demonstrate the extreme actions to which an individual may go to avenge a wrong.

I think the greatest aspect of being an English major is the ability to continually learn more about the motivations and insights in each individual. Whether he be fictitious or real, each character in a story offers us perspective in human life and how we deal with situations depending on our emotions.


Aside from my English classes, I am enjoying my math class, my teacher is rather pleasant and very sweet.

My last class, philosophy is rather enticing. The two hour lecture passes by astonishingly fast. I think it must have to do with the fact that he does not give us a ten-minute break in between the two hours. I feel that a break would disrupt the philosophic flow that he creates and would totally act as a fire alarm amidst a Taylor Swift (or your preferred singer here) concert.


Academics-Shmemics… moving on to my other life– cultural awareness!
I’ve been involved with the Chinese students on my campus which is great because I didn’t really have a lot of Chinese friends back home in Connecticut. It’s really cool to hang out with people who have the same heritage as you. Although I find it a bit difficult sometimes to relate to them because I am adopted. Unlike my friends, I grew up under different customs. My family did not cook many traditional Asian dishes, nor did they ever speak in Mandarin or Cantonese to me. My father is German, and my mother is a mix of many European ethnicities. I grew up attending Oktoberfests and enjoying the dipping of potato pancakes into applesauce and the grease oozing out of weisswursts. What kind of Asian am I?! No, I think it is rather interesting that I feel like a Caucasian person, yet phenotypically, I express the traits of those of Chinese descent. I would like to learn more about my own culture as a Chinese person, and I think joining these cultural clubs is allowing me to do that. (thumbs up here!)


And now onto my personal life:

I have learned a lot about myself recently.

And I am just going to list a few things.

First of all, by the Carl Jung typology test on personality, I adhere to the “ENFP” personality.

I have extraverted intuition and introverted feeling. I may seem directionless and without purpose, yet I am actually consistent!  I (this I agree very well with) I become very bored doing mundane tasks and my dislike of these tasks frustrates my family (i,e. folding my laundry, taking out the trash– shoutout to mom who puts up with me! xo). I am easily distracted and do not like to be controlled nor control other people. I dislike dependence and would rather take on life with independence. I am intensely emotional and constantly checking my daily routine to make sure everything I do aligns with my values. Yes. This is me, the ENFP.


Some other things I’ve learned about myself:

I love cleaning and organizing my room, my clothes, my drawers, and anything that can be re-arranged as a means of procrastinating. I have become quite the expert at this and do not take pride in it, yet I am very proud that my room looks dazzling right now.


And one last thing, recently, there was an oil spill stretching nine miles along the Refugio Beach/ El Capitan area of Southern California. Plains All America Pipeline claims that the “worst-case scenario” would have been 105,000 gallons of oil spillage, yet only 21,000 gallons actually spilled this time. May I point out the fact that oil, in and of itself leaked into our beautiful oceans when it could have been prevented with more vigilance?!? Did you know that 21,000 gallons of water is enough for you to flush the toilet nearly 4,667 times and take a 10-minute shower 420 times? That is how much oil is in southern California’s oceans right now! If there is one thing I can say about humans and the world it is this: we are adding more problems to the world one-by-one, and unfortunately I do not see any means of resolution of these problems until something as catastrophic as a meteorite explosion or Great Depression arises. As seen in recent human behaviors, we allow severe events to occur and brush them off soon after, disregarding the aftermath and the losses suffered. In including myself in this situation, we have become apathetic to others who are affected more severely than ourselves, and this will ultimately lead to our society’s failing. It seems today as if environmental issues and sustainability are mere speckles in the sand. The country’s debt has exceeded 13 trillion, the NSA still does not know what to do with its plan in regard to collecting phone records, children in Yemen are being recruited daily to work as child soldiers…

Lately, I have been overwhelmed by how many issues there are in this world. I know that I am capable of engaging in activism to help change these issues, but like many others, I have fallen into the pit of “I’ll acknowledge this, feel pity, and move on.” C’mon Megan, don’t be so weak! DO SOMETHING!! I will. I will…. (sighs)




Well, that is all for tonight, friends, readers.

I apologize if I have offended anyone with my views, I want you to know that I recognize myself as an inactive citizen in participating in ways to ameliorate social justice problems, and that I want to do something, just as the rest of us do, about these issues.

I appreciate your time.


photo credit: google images
photo credit: google images

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