The Stage I Like to Call “Defining Myself”

A new glass. Freshly blown into a perfect vase. Glazed over in a glistening gleam of navy and indigo hues. A new gift. Carefully wrapped into a seamless box. Catching the eye in firecracker red and Christmas green. A new galaxy. Slowly expanding into outer space. Gleaming in galactic colors of silver and gold. How … Continue reading The Stage I Like to Call “Defining Myself”

Redefining Sophomore Year

Redefining. This is what my sophomore year in college is all about. Coming back after a bumpy first-year is refreshing. A blank slate. A clear blue sky. An empty SD card. Each pallet waits for its artist to paint a story, carefully brushed with new memories, some bursting with bold red strokes, and some caressing … Continue reading Redefining Sophomore Year