Sending You Thanks

There’s a lot of faces we see in a day. Winter quarter always seems long, and these are some of the people who helped me get through it. Thanks guys for making this quarter so solid.

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To the Starbucks barista who’s been brewing coffee since 6 am, thank you for my warm cup of medium roast coffee. I can’t go a day without it.


To the people in my journalism classes, thank you for motivating me to become a better version of myself– for motivating me to get a head start on my assignments and not procrastinate.

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To my roommates, thank you above and beyond for putting up with me and my craziness. I love you guys.

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To my teachers, thank you for sitting with me in office hours explaining to me the relationship between the amount of ionic bonds and the melting temperatures of sedimentary rocks.

To the people who swipe my Polycard anytime I’m hungry and had a long day, thank you for being patient with me when I spend five minutes at the register looking for where I placed my Polycard.

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To the people I worked with every Wednesday at KCPR, thanks for being an awesome, cooperative team. I couldn’t have asked for a greater group of people to go on radio with.

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To the friends at Her Campus, thanks for writing so accurately about all the feels and for being great individuals to hang out with. You guys rock.

Photo by Spoon University

To the members at Spoon U Cal Poly, thanks for organizing fun events and bringing Spoon to Cal Poly. I can’t wait to see where we’re going with our chapter next.



To my friends in PCE and CSA, thank you for the laughs. I will live longer now with these extra laughs.

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To my dear co-workers, you guys are the greatest. Thanks for making 6-am shifts more bearable and fun.

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To my friends back home on the East Coast, thank you for the quality conversations, laughs, phone calls and face times. I love you guys and know you’re killing it over there on the other side.

Lastly, thank you mom and dad. For always answering the phone when you have caller I.D. — but in all seriousness, thank you for your support and faith in me to do well when I don’t believe I can.

You all are pretty amazing.



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