I’m still learning to ride a bike and I’m going to fall again

To put things very bluntly: this summer was rough.

I’m not going to say it’s “the worst summer,” although I keep finding myself going back to that.

And I’m definitely not going to say it was the “best summer,” because it was far from it.

I will say this: I learned more than I ever have this summer— but I did it by failing.

I made mistakes. Not once, not twice, but multiple times.

In my internship, there were days I came home and sobbed because I felt like a failure. I would scream in anger, frustration and disappointment in myself.

I asked myself, “really, how can I be doing this poorly at something I was hired for?”

Then I remembered: I’m here to grow.

An internship teaches you several things:

  1. More about the real-world
  2. Valuable skills to move forward
  3. What you like
  4. What you don’t like

And of course, many other things.

But for me, I was perplexed by how many times I had to fail and get back up again.

It’s like learning to ride a bike, as I mentioned earlier this year here.

I’m not an expert yet.

I still slip. And I’m still learning how to get back up again.

Something I didn’t realize is that things that help you to grow are supposed to challenge you.

If you were already a bad-ass biker who never fell down, then what do you have to improve on?


I’ve got a long ways to go, and I know I will be falling not once again, but several more times.

Before this summer, I was not okay with taking another blow to the knee, again, and again.

But moving forward, I’m going to be more prepared for times when the gravel gets rocky and I slip.

Because this time around, I know that I can always hop back on my bike.

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