The first time I chose moving on

I like to hold onto memories like no other.

Those hoarders shows on TLC? I’d be on it, except when the host would open the door to my apartment, they would find a spotless floor, clean kitchen and well-organized room. Little would they know about the cluttered, dissheveled storage bins occupying valuable space in my mind.

Those boxes don’t deserve to be there, and more importantly, the negative thoughts surely have no right to claim a spot on my mind’s “list of things to think about today.”

But even though these negative thoughts and old memories are not deserving of the space in my mind, they obstinately sit there, refusing to move.

Sometimes, no matter how hard I try to remove these boxes, they won’t budge.

So, what gives?

For some people, it’s easy to pack up their boxes and move on with life.

But for me, I want to sit and cherish each box. I want to light a candle by the fireplace, play sentimental, sappy music and hold each picture up to the light and reflect on the good times that were.

However, it is dangerous to dwell so long on the past.

Too often, I cling onto old times like a climber, holding onto that last rock that is supporting her weight on the mountain— but I can’t stay on this side of the mountain any longer.

I need to move up. I need to move forward.

Of course, there is the option of moving down and falling on my face— but let’s ignore that option for now.

I must continue to climb and advance upward.

If I focus too much on this one poignant moment of my past, it will consume me when I could be spending my time making progress forward.

I spent a lot of my time in the past couple months thinking too much about the past to where it interfered with my trip forward. I’m in 2018 now and all that’s left in 2017 should remain there.

I must pack my bags and go.

I must board a plane and wave 2017 goodbye. Last year is nothing but a tiny speck thousands of feet below me, a dab of paint among the millions of others that make up this magnificent painting of life.

I have never felt more free than I have today— and that is because I have chosen to let go.

I have chosen to wave goodbye so that I can say hello to the next experience.

I have chosen the pathway that will help me to grow infinitely as an individual, and that has made all the difference in today.

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