What’s in a coffee mug?

What significance is behind a coffee mug?

After all, isn’t it “just a vessel” to hold coffee?


Perhaps it’s just a safety device —

to keep palms from burning first thing in the morning.


Or maybe a coffee mug is pure aesthetics,

yeah, it’s for the instagram.


But a coffee mug has to be so much more, right?

I mean, we use them almost everyday… at least if we want to be functional.


Sometimes these idiosyncratic vessels,

With vivacious cartoon characters,

Large, funky fonts

And names of big cities

Our friends have ventured to

But we ourselves have not,

Hold more stories behind the places

And the people from which they came

Than the actual liquid

They contain


What’s in a coffee cup?

What does it have to offer me?

— Other than my sanity for the day,

And perhaps the most-needed energy boost,

What does a coffee mug do for me?


Does it bring joy?

After all, few things in life bring great joy like a morning cup of coffee.


It certainly does not bring sadness.


What’s in a coffee cup?

It’s got to be more than “just a container”

For ground beans.


[ photo courtesy of; Chevanon Photography via Pexels ]

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