Asking for a friend: how do I start practicing greater self-respect?

What is self-respect?

To me, self-respect is knowing what is best for yourself and acting on it despite what others’ might feel or think about your actions.

Right now, I don’t have self-respect, and I’m not sure why or how I have lost it over the past couple of years.

I used to be able to say no to things I didn’t want to do. I used to be able to decline events and outings I knew would hinder my progress and productivity.

But now, things have changed. I am not so quick to say no — and instead, say yes.

Perhaps I have lost my sense of self-discipline. I am not good at saying no to things that are bad for me. Yes, I know that is true.

But also, I have lost respect for myself over the years, because now, more than ever, I find myself giving into the feelings of others while compromising my own.

And that is neither fair to the other person nor to myself.

I am hurting myself and I am opening myself to hurting others by not respecting myself.

So how do I go about reclaiming self-respect? Do I google it and in 13 steps, I’m there?

Seeking help on ways to work on respecting myself. Suggestions welcome.

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