How do you practice honesty?

Today I am starting day one of being honest and being honest with kindness.

For so long, I have prioritized kindness to the point where I have neglected honesty. As a result, the kindness I give can make the receiver feel as if it is artificial or even (I am ashamed to say this) manipulation, though unintended and without malice.

I have for my whole life feared the consequences of hurting others’ feelings, which has done myself a disservice because I subject myself to uncomfortable situations and feelings that I feel are beyond my control because I would rather be hurt emotionally than upset someone else.

Today, I am going to begin practicing honesty, and honesty with kindness. I don’t have to choose one over the other, but rather, I will choose BOTH.

There is a quote I love that goes: “honesty without kindness is brutality. Kindness without honesty is cruelty. But honesty with kindness is compassion.” I am practicing compassion and today is day one.

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