Thanks mom, for this reminder.

Sometimes we need to have others call us out on our shit. You'd think that as soon as we ourselves recognize our pitfalls, we'd do something about it. But other times, like this one, it takes someone else to notice and call you out on it. So here's the tea:  Today, my mother confronted me … Continue reading Thanks mom, for this reminder.

How Immediacy Impedes Us From Ever Slowing Down

  In 0.08 seconds, you have search results to anything you’re wondering about.   In several clicks, you’re fed information, next, you’re fed, at a similarly astonishing fast pace, your burger, fries and shake.   While it’s great, convenient and pretty impressive how quickly we’re able to feed our minds and bellies today, it’s also … Continue reading How Immediacy Impedes Us From Ever Slowing Down